Dance is….

Dance is important, it’s steps in life,

it’s really something that you learn,

it’s something you work on.

Dance is a form of expression.

Dance is something that anyone can do, you don’t need to be Black, you don’t need to be Spanish, you could even be white; dance is just, dance is universal.

Dance is always understood, maybe not by everybody but it’s something that’s there, it’s something that’s true; it’s one of the truest forms you will ever have of self expression.

I mean through dance you could learn so much from somebody, through somebody dancing

Not just showing what they can do or being shy with what they do, but when they’re just being free, when they’re doing what their talent is, when they’re doing what they’ve learned. That’s dance.

I mean dance is showing nobody and showing everyone at the same time

Dance is sitting there in your room by yourself just moving to the beat of some kind of tune, that’s what dance is…

Dance rocks the soul, dance moves the soul, dance puts babies to sleep, dance wakes people up

I mean dance is everything, dance is life.

Dance is so much of a culture in its own that it breathes itself

I mean through one form of dance you’ll have another form come right out of that and that’s one of the miraculous things about dance.

It’s always been here, it’s always going to be here and that’s what dance is.

Dance will always have a future, will always have a present, will always have a past

Dance is, dance is to me: life. That’s dance.

Without it, what would people do? Where would anyone be without dance?

Through dance you attain so much, through dance you learn of yourself you learn of others.

Through dance you find new people, through dance you meet new people.

Through dance you share the good and the bad, and through dance you’re just you, that’s what dance is.

Dance is you being you, dance is not being afraid to mess up, dance is not being afraid to fall.

Dance is just something you do whether it looks good or wrong.

Dance is you, and no matter what anyone says or anyone tells you, when you dance and you feel good – then you’re doing it right; there’s no wrong way to dance, there’s no right way to dance.

Dance is an honest self expression of one’s heart and one’s soul.

And that’s dance, that’s what dance is to me.



6 Responses to “Dance is….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats the exact way I feel about music. Everyone has their outlet!! Cant wait to see you choreographing videos reminiscent of Aaliyah etc

  2. I’ve always said dance is the escape from my life without escaping living it.
    The origin of dance is attributed in Greek mythology to Rhea, who taught the art form to soldiers hiding baby Zeus from her husband who would have otherwise killed his son. Dance, therefore, served as a form of protection.
    Imagine where Greek mythology would be without Zeus! And we have dance to thank for it!

  3. Debs-The-Creative-Writer Says:

    Very DEEP and Inspirational!

  4. I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! It is good to know that others feel just as passionately about dance the way that I do as well as how the relate and experience the world around them! ❤

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